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China hand carved stone/marble sculptures,fountains,gazebos ...

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Statue - Wikipedia

A statue is a sculpture, representing one or more people or animals (including abstract concepts allegorically represented as people or animals), free-standing (as opposed to a relief) and normally full-length (as opposed to a bust) and at least close to life-size, or larger.

The Bronze Horseman Monument in St. Petersburg, Russia

According to a 19 th century legend, enemy forces will never take St. Petersburg while the "Bronze Horseman" stands in the middle of the city. During the Second World War the statue was not taken down, but was protected with sand bags and a wooden shelter.

Statue.com – Garden Statues, Fountains, Custom Comissions and ...

Garden statues, fountains, columns, birdbaths and expert custom statuary and repair services. Shop Statue.com for all of your garden décor needs!

British Museum - Room 6: Assyrian sculpture and Balawat Gates

1 or Extra-large image. Colossal statue of a winged lion from the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, 883-859 BC More information. Colossal statue of a winged lion from the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, 883-859 BC

Birushana (Rushana) Buddha - Big Buddha of Nara, Todai-ji Temple

Birushana (Rushana) Nyorai, Sanskrit Vairocana, Big Buddha of Nara, True Buddha in Esoteric Sects - Japanese Buddhism Digital Photo Dictionary

Cultural depictions of lions - Wikipedia

Lions have been widely used in sculpture to provide a sense of majesty and awe, especially on public buildings. Lions were bold creatures and many ancient cities would have an abundance of lion sculptures to show strength in numbers as well.

Unravelling the Tragic Story Behind the Impressive Lion ...

The Lion of Lucerne (known also as the Lion Monument) is a memorial located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Boy gets his head stuck inside 800lb granite lion statue at a ...

A young boy crawled inside a lion statue at a library in California and got his head stuck.. The boy was visiting the Solano County Library with his family on Monday when he decided to check out one of the building's two 800lb 'Foo dog' statues, which are seen as guardians.

Danube Promenade, Budapest - A View On Cities

Nearby is one of the most intriguing statues of Budapest: the Little Princess (Kiskirálylány). The bronze statue was created in 1989 by László Marton and shows a little boy sitting on a railing.

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